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Here's an list of my favorite things! I'll keep this list going with great kitchen tools, ingredients, cooking utensils and more. Happy browsing!

Beautycounter Safe Makeup

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Nespresso Machine

Perfect for dairy-free lattes, cappuccinos and more! This espresso machine makes the espresso as well as heats and froths nut milks. I have this machine and I can't live without it!

Nespresso Milk Frother

If you want to save a few bucks and only buy the milk frother on its own, here's the link for that as well! It's a LIFE SAVER for those you like to have cafe-quality beverages that are dairy-free.

Ice Cube Sphere Mold

These are honestly so fine. The key to a nice, clear ice sphere is to boil the water twice before pouring into the mold!

Odd-Sized Measuring Cups

Once you're really cooking in the kitchen, it's helpful to have measuring cups in "odd sizes": a 2/3 cup, 3/4 cup, 1 1/2 cup... I love these, it makes measuring so much quicker!

Giant, Awesome Lunch Bag

I love my Pack-it! It's HUGE so it fits everything I need to take to work for a big healthy lunch. Plus it has freezer cubes sewn into the lining, so if you freeze the bag it keeps food cold all day long, without a fridge!

Vegetable Spiralizer

If you're a frequent veggie spiralizer, it's worth your while to buy one like this! I have this Paderno spiralizer and it has suction cups on the base to help keep in firm on the counter while you crank.

IKEA Frother

Don't spend $20 on a milk frother-- this little IKEA one is all you need. A 3 pack is $11 so you can have one at home, one at work, and one in your bag for on the go! I use it to blend creamy dairy-free drinks :)

Stainless Steel Straws

I've swapped out plastic straws for stainless steel ones in my home and I actually prefer them now! This package that I have comes with a straw cleaner included, so it's really easy to clean. Make sure you give them all a good wash before you start to use them so there's no metallic taste the first time!