Breaking up with my Makeup

Breaking up with my Makeup

Two weeks ago, I made a confession to many of you— I wear drugstore makeup, and I know it’s really bad for me.

I love eating whole and clean foods, and have been eating this way for 3 years now. Cleaning up my diet has radically changed my energy levels, my skin, my sleep, my weight, my workout routine, and so many other aspects of my life. It’s hard work, but I’m so proud of the changes I’ve made and the lifestyle I have in the kitchen and around food.

But all those “other categories”: cleaning products, home goods, plastic reduction, beauty products— have always felt overwhelming to me. What difference does it really make? Is it ACTUALLY worth the effort, research, and extra money to figure that all out? And are these cleaner, safer products going to work as well as my “normal” stuff?

I’ve cleaned up my diet, and now I’m cleaning up my beauty products.

Cleaning products, plastic reduction, candles in my home: all those things are worth cleaning up too, and I plan to. But I’m choosing to start with makeup, because it’s well-researched, and recognized as important for your health, and it’s just fun to buy!

I need to take small steps if I want this change to last, so I’m only taking on one step at a time: and my next step is cleaner beauty products.

Based on recommendations I’d received, I did my beauty product research on, which rated my current beauty products on a scale of 1-10. They’re independent, and highly respected for their rating of everything from beauty to food to cleaning products.

I was horrified to discover my current makeup products rated 5 and 6 on the hazard scale, and all of them showed high levels of Developmental & Reproductive Toxicity.

I’m pregnant. Newly pregnant. For the very first time. Discovering the products I’ve been buying on store shelves aren’t safe for me and my baby made me angry, confused, and overwhelmed (again, pregnant, so I was extra emotional about this horrifying revelation). You can read about how my old products rated in this instagram post.

There’s no point in feeling guilty about what I’ve always used: all I can do is move forward to cleaner and safer beauty, knowing more now than I did before.

So I bought new makeup from Beautycounter. There’s many brands that do have great rankings on EWG, all at a variety of price points and offerings.

I chose to buy Beautycounter makeup because of their high ranks on EWG— but also because their wide range of products allowed me to replace everything in my makeup bag from one brand.

There are a few brands that also score as high as Beautycounter— but those brands don’t sell mascara, or eyeshadow, or other “harder to master” clean beauty products. Instead of bouncing to one brand for eye makeup and another for skin makeup, paying for separate shipping and trying to keep track of it all, I did it all through Beautycounter. Plus, I know so many friends and fellow bloggers who love their products and use them too.

I was able to replace my current makeup routine with their Flawless in Five Kit for $150.

The kit has foundation, concealer, mascara, blush, lip gloss and a brow pencil. I did add liquid eyeliner and a lipstick to my order as well, since I love wearing those. But I was really excited to find that getting started wasn’t as confusing as I thought! In fact, it was really fun picking out my shades and crafting my 5-item kit. You can buy it too here.

I’ve also learned since I ordered the Flawless in Five Kit that the products last WAY longer than my old drugstore makeup. Turns out, most drugstore makeup has tons of fillers that make you have to use a ton for it to be effective— which means I was replacing my face makeup every 6 weeks. One week into my new Beautycounter foundation and I know it’s going to be MONTHS before I need to reorder— It’s SO concentrated and I love that.

I didn’t just buy their makeup, I decided to join them.

Before I ever put Beautycounter on my face, I signed up to join Beautycounter. Why? Because I was so impressed by the advocate piece of what they do, fighting for stricter cosmetic regulation in the USA. I want it to be harder for these companies to sell what they’ve been selling to me since I was 16, and Beautycounter is actively working towards that positive change. I also knew after my first mention of Beautycounter on Instagram that I was going to be sharing about it a lot. I get hundreds of Instagram Direct Messages every day, and my discussion on cleaning up my beauty products was one of my most highly discussed OF ALL TIME.

If I’m buying their products, and I’m telling you about their products, and I’m sharing links with you about their products, and giving you recommendations about their products, I might as well join Beautycounter!

It was pretty simple to join: I just bought a starter kit for $98, and it had makeup in it, and that’s about it. Plus I get to work with my friend Caroline, who shared her experience with me when I asked her about it! As a blogger working home alone every day, it’s been fun to chat with other people about their Beautycounter experiences and have sort of “co-workers”. If you want to know more about what it’s been like joining, email me.

So this is where I’m starting: cleaning up my act and improving my beauty products one step at a time.

I’m so glad I’ve began the journey to educate myself on safer beauty, and I can’t wait to keep sharing about what the transition is like.

And I’m also glad you all are along for the ride with me! It’s been so encouraging to know that I’m not alone in this, and that so many of you want to learn, or want to share what you’ve learned. I truly believe that becoming educated about these health concerns is so incredibly important if we want the beauty industry to be better regulated, and it starts by making small personal changes one step at a time. So cheers to that!

Email me if you have questions or want to chat more about this.

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