Healthy Flight Gear

Healthy Flight Gear

I recently enjoyed a 9-hour flight from Chicago to Warsaw and having the right gear with me made all the difference! In addition to fasting during my flight and doing lots of stretching exercises every two hours, these items truly made my overseas flight from the US to Eastern Europe SO much easier. Here’s what I recommend:


This Timbuk2 Forge Tote is a backpack AND a shoulder tote! The reviews were pretty mixed online but I’ve always loved Timbuk2 bags so I took a risk on giving it a shot. And I LOVE this bag! I wore it on my back as a backpack when I walked through the airport or in a line, and I wore it on my shoulder when I needed to access the pockets at checkout or when I needed to pull out my tickets quickly. And I loved the sleek, all-black look that goes with my usual all-black-every-day style.


I read in this Lee From America article that compression socks help with circulation on flights, and she was SO right. Instead of feeling anxious and restless with my legs on the flight, the slight constriction totally removed the swelling and discomfort I usually feel on flights. I ordered the obnoxious pink color for myself and a striped pair for my husband. This pair is really affordable, compared to other true compression socks— and I was super glad to have them!


This little battery-powered beauty will fit in your carry-on and make it through security no problem. I used my IKEA frother wand to froth in powdered collagen creamer from Vital Proteins.


I’ve had this Klean Kanteen for awhile, and I’m always happy with how easy it is to drink from and fill up. I filled up with filtered water in the airport terminal (way to go, Chicago O’Hare!) and I had cold, clean water the entire flight. And of course, more obnoxious hot pink, because that’s just who I am.


I didn’t eat during my flight, but I made sure to pack some Whole30 compliant animal protein to have as soon as I landed. They ask for you to put food in a separate scanner when you go through security these days, but it went through the scanner things just fine!


Again, I didn’t eat on the flight, but I had one on our way to the hotel when I got hungry! Square bars just make me happy, period. They’re gluten-free and dairy-free and soy-free and sweetened just enough to be perfect for my own food freedom. I have a code for this that you can find here.


I was so happy to have Pique Tea Crystals on my flight, because I didn’t have to worry about a tea bag in my airplane seat! I got hot water from a cafe in the airport and poured it into a thermos— then when I wanted tea on the plane I added two packets of Pique (1 per 8 oz. water!) I have a discount for this you can find here.


Splurging on wireless soundproof headphones have been on my list for years, and I finally bought a pair in January. Perfect for falling asleep and for working out at the gym, too!

I love getting reviews on products and gear from people I know, and I consider all y’all in the category of “people I know”! Shoot me a DM on my Instagram if you decide to purchase any of these, I’d love to see!

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