6 Months, 5 Natural Deodorants

6 Months, 5 Natural Deodorants

Swapping out all of my personal care products for safer and cleaner versions has been a recent journey of sorts. It started with swapping out my cosmetics (read about that here). I switched to Beautycounter: which was fun, and easy, and I find them trustworthy. That was a simple switch, AND a great experience! Highly recommend. Well… switching to a natural deodorant was next on my list, and it was NOT the same simple experience that switching my cosmetics and skincare was. But first, let’s talk about why the switch to natural deodorant is necessary.

The majority of conventional deodorants contain aluminum— and are “antiperspirants”. Antiperspirants do what they say: they actually stop your body from sweating. And when you don’t sweat, your pores are clogged up so your body can’t release toxins properly. Using conventional deodorants containing aluminum are also linked to breast cancer and Alzheimers (though I’m no expert by any means— make sure you do your own research!).

So we need to switch to a natural deodorant. But unlike with switching to safer cosmetics, it’s not as simple as just buying a new brand. The perfect natural deodorant is hard to choose. Why?

Every body is different, and there is no “one stick fits all”.

No matter what, you’ll need to do your own self-experimentation to find the right natural deodorant for you. So many people rave about the deodorants I tried below, yet many simply did not work for me— at all. Others warned about the “feel” or the “smell” of other deodorants that I ended up loving.

I learned through these 6 months of natural deodorant experimentation that it truly is up to the individual to find out what works best for them. Just like making changes to the food you eat and your diet, what works for you won’t work for everyone. I wish it were easier! But alas, the perfect natural deodorant for everyone doesn’t exist, so we’ll all have to do a bit of testing to find what works best.

Despite the need for everyone to self-experiment, I do believe that some natural deodorants rise above the rest, making them “most likely to” work for you. I tested 5 of those through the end of 2018 and into early 2019, and I’m sharing my thoughts on each one in this post.

Please note: all 5 of these natural deodorants contain baking soda. Some people have poor reactions to ANY natural deodorants that contain baking soda— so I hope to do a roundup & review of baking soda-free deodorant options in the future!

Also, note that there is a “transition period” of 6 weeks or so for your body to adjust to a non anti-perspirant style deodorant. I had finished that transition period well before I began evaluating these 5 deodorants to ensure fair and equal evaluation.

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Give this post a full read to get a sense of my experience with each brand— I didn’t “rank” them, but I did give them a “grade”— and you’ll see that two brands in particular rise above the rest.

Schmidt’s: Charcoal + Magnesium Deodorant

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Pros: affordable, easy to find (at Target, Walgreens, wherever), stopped odor

Cons: Irritated my armpits— itchy and red. I also heard a massive amount of feedback on my instagram that many people experienced similar (or worse) issues.

I reached out to Schmidt’s about the irritation I experienced, and they told me “just one swipe is enough— don’t overapply!”. So I used Schmidt’s an additional week and applied less. The results were still the same. For people who are willing to give Schmidt’s a chance, it COULD work for you, because it does seem to work for some people— and it’s really affordable and accessible. However, I have heard a lot of similar stories to mine about skin irritation, so I can’t give it a great score when there are better options out there.

Schmidt’s Grade (my opinion): C

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NATIVE: Lavender & Rose Deodorant


Pros: “normal” deodorant texture, doesn’t leave any residue, good scent options, easy to find (it’s at Target now!)

Cons: Didn’t prevent odor well, even for everyday use.

I was most excited to try NATIVE more than any other brand: mostly because the people who use NATIVE always rave about it. I did like it for the first week of testing, but it didn’t hold up in the gym to work out sweat, or even for everyday use. Again, another option worth giving a shot, but unfortunately it didn’t work so well for me. I’m scoring it higher than I did Schmidt’s; however, it wasn’t high performing enough for me to give it a glowing score.

NATIVE Grade (my opinion): B

DoTERRA Natural Deodorant with Balance Grounding Essential Oil Blend


Pros: Smells AMAZING, “masks” odor

Cons: Leaves some residue, have to find a “wellness advocate” to purchase through, doesn’t truly prevent odor

I really did love this deodorant in the first few weeks, and I felt like I’d found the perfect natural deodorant. But after some time in the 6-week testing period, I realized that the amazing essential oil scent of DoTERRA Balance was what I truly loved: and it was more or less “masking” the odor, and not truly eliminating it. I would recommend trying this deodorant if you already buy DoTERRA from a consultant just to see what you think of it (I bought it through my sister-in-law): but I wouldn’t say it’s worth it to jump through those hoops to try when there are other and better natural deodorant options out there.

DoTERRA with Balance Grade (my opinion): B

Primally Pure Lavender Deodorant

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Pros: Light and pleasant scent, little residue, texture similar to conventional deodorants, prevents everyday odor

Cons: Doesn’t prevent stronger odor (like during a sweaty gym session)

Primally Pure deodorant was my first natural deodorant pick: I used it for 6 months or so before I started trying other natural deodorants. I liked Primally Pure enough to keep using it for many months: it’s nice and it prevents everyday odor well. I thought I’d be able to find a natural deodorant better than Primally Pure because I noticed odor after heavier gym sessions: but honestly, I’m not really sure I found anything actually better than Primally Pure for my body. I’d say if you’re new to natural deodorant and want to try something most likely to work for you, start with Primally Pure.

Primally Pure Grade (my opinion): A

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Humble Donavon Deodorant (Palo Santo Frankincense + Vanilla):

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Pros: Smells really good, little residue, texture similar to conventional deodorants, prevents everyday odor

Cons: Doesn’t prevent stronger odor (like during a sweaty gym session)

I really loved the unique scent of this deodorant. Frankincense and Vanilla are an amazing combo! The ingredients are SO simple, which I really loved. It went on well, and it held up throughout everyday activity really well, preventing odor. I will say that it didn’t stand up to super sweaty gym sessions: but as this is the 5th and final deodorant I tried, I can say that there doesn’t seem to be any deodorant with natural ingredients that will truly stop gym sweat. All in all, Humble deodorant is every bit as good as Primally Pure, and I would highly recommend giving this brand a try.

Humble Grade (my opinion): A

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Start with Primally Pure or Humble, and see if those work for you. From there, you can try more accessible brands like NATIVE and even Schmidt’s: or DoTERRA’s if you already buy products from them. If Primally Pure or Humble don’t work well, I’d go straight to a natural deodorant with baking soda, like crystal deodorant.

Thanks for reading, y’all!

Did this article help you choose a new brand of deodorant? Purchasing your new deodorant through the links on this post help to support my blog so I can continue to provide reviews like this.

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