The Best Deodorant

The Best Deodorant

Anyone who has transitioned from conventional deodorant to a natural deodorant knows that it’s a struggle to find the right one. I myself took 6 months in 2018 to review the most popular natural deodorant brands (read more about that here). After testing out 5 different brands, my conclusion was essentially, “no natural deodorant works perfectly, and you’ll have to adjust to it no matter what”.

Enter: Be Well Company. Just a few days after I published my natural deodorant review post, I heard about a small Charleston, SC skincare company’s plans to release a deodorant spray with live probiotics called “The Best Deodorant”. People online who had tried it before its release were absolutely raving about it. Curious, I ordered a $3 sample bottle from the Be Well website and decided to test it out myself.

Sure enough, “The Best Deodorant” turned out to truly be the best. The truth is, there isn’t much to write about: it just works.

I spray each armpit twice every morning, and there’s no smell, no rash, no irritation, no stains, no residue, no nothing. And of course, no toxic ingredients like in conventional deodorants!

The mark of a good deodorant is a deodorant that you don’t give a second thought about once you apply it in the morning. That’s The Best Deodorant: you don’t notice you’re wearing it, and you don’t smell. It’s that simple!

Now it’s important to note that The Best Deodorant is NOT an anti-perspirant. In fact, no natural deodorant is an anti-perspirant, and that’s for good reason! Here’s how Be Well Company founder Natalie explains it:

“Sweat in and of itself does NOT stink. Our bodies are designed to sweat and clear toxins from our bodies naturally, so begin to think of sweat as a good thing. Conventional deodorants/antiperspirants are designed to "plug" the pores so you don't sweat, trapping bacteria and toxins in your body, and that is absolutely the wrong approach in our opinion! We say let your body sweat to keep those pores clear and toxins moving on out. Stink actually comes from the bacteria we naturally have on our skin. When it gets out of balance, we begin to stink. Be Well's approach is not to clog the pores, but to balance your natural bacteria eliminating the stink at the source naturally!”

So while I do sweat wearing this deodorant, it’s no big deal. And coming from a new mom who is currently breastfeeding, that’s unusual! Increased body odor is a symptom of postpartum, allowing your newborn to better smell its mother. I was worried that if I was still sweating, I would smell with just natural deodorant on. Thanks to The Best Deodorant, I only notice this smelly postpartum symptom when I forget to apply The Best Deodorant (and when that happens, stay away!).

 I can’t recommend this deodorant enough. Here are a few screenshots from my Instagram DMs that show how great others have found it:

Click Here to buy the Best Deodorant by Be Well Company

Be Well Company has a full line of skincare products: be sure to check out their skincare offerings as you shop on their site!

 Don’t forget to use my discount code, “melissasfoodfreedom” , for 10% off your order!

If you follow me on my Instagram, you know I've been raving about The Best Deodorant for months, and shared how it's brought my long search for a natural deodorant to an end. Be Well Company, who makes The Best Deodorant, reached out to me when they saw my Instagram review and asked if I would write down the review for my blog. A big thank you to Be Well Company for sponsoring this post. Opinions are my own and were determined before the writing of this post.

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