W3LL PEOPLE Makeup Review

W3LL PEOPLE Makeup Review

I switched to cleaner, safer cosmetics last Fall after learning how harmful and dangerous conventional makeup on store shelves really are (read more about that here). In fact, after switching to a better brand of makeup, I even joined them as a consultant so I could further spread the word.

Even though I love my new makeup, I wanted to try other brands of safer beauty products to compare them. So when Thrive Market, the online grocer I use and am an ambassador for, opened up a cosmetics section on their website, I knew I wanted to try those brands as well. After all, I’d only ever used drugstore makeup: so chances are I’d love OTHER quality brands of safer cosmetics! If you’re not a member, you can buy W3LL PEOPLE online on Detox Market, or try Thrive free for 30 days plus 25% off your first order at this link.

Read here to see how W3LL PEOPLE makeup stacks up to my current Beautycounter items.


W3LL PEOPLE Bio Correct Multi-Action Concealer vs. Beautycounter Touchup Skin Concealer Pen


I really liked the W3LL PEOPLE concealer! I wish it came in more complexion shades since the lightest one was still a little dark on me: but the texture, application, and everything was really good. No complaints other than it smells kind of cheap (TBH all the W3LL PEOPLE makeup has a cheap smell, but that’s not really a deal breaker for me). I’m going to stick with Beautycounter concealer because the shade blends better on my complexion, and because I like that the brush is right on the applicator, but if you find a shade of the W3LL PEOPLE concealer that works good for you, I’d say it’s worth it to try the W3LL PEOPLE one!

W3LL PEOPLE Concealer Price: $22.99 (Thrive Market or Detox Market)

Beautycounter Concealer Price: $33 (Beautycounter.com)


W3LL PEOPLE Narcissist Foundation Stick vs. Beautycounter Tint Skin Foundation


This was my least favorite W3LL PEOPLE product. I’m just not into “stick foundation” in general: and the consistency of the Narcissist stick was so dry: it felt like I was rubbing a concealer stick all over my face. I will say that it gave full, even coverage: but the trade-off for that was I could feel it sitting heavy on my face, and like my skin couldn’t breathe through it. I have been using the stick as a concealer here and there to cover redness— but as for using it as a foundation, I am not a fan.

I prefer Beautycounter Tint Skin— it has medium coverage and it’s way more breathable. Not to mention my first tube of Beautycounter concealer lasted 6 MONTHS AND 10 DAYS of use every single day (except for the 7 days I tried out W3LL PEOPLE), so the money is worth it to me. They also have a Dew Skin Foundation if you prefer more sheer coverage and want SPF.

W3LL PEOPLE Foundation Price: $22.99 (Thrive Market) or $28.99 (Detox Market)

Beautycounter Foundation Price: $42 (Beautycounter.com)


W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Liquid Eyeliner vs. Beautycounter Precision Liquid Eyeliner


Another really great W3LL PEOPLE product. The formula goes on nicely and looks really great. At first I felt like it was too thick: I prefer the precision of the finer brush of the Beautycounter brush, and you can’t really get a thin line with the W3LL PEOPLE applicator (it’s a felt tip). But once it goes on, it looks really good. If you really want a thin, precise line and perfect control, it’s worth the extra $10 to do Beautycounter. If you’re just looking for a standard liquid eyeliner that still has great natural ingredients, W3LL PEOPLE is a really solid choice at a lower price point.

W3LL PEOPLE Liquid Eyeliner Price: $17.99 (Thrive Market or Detox Market)

Beautycounter Liquid Eyeliner Price: $28 (Beautycounter.com)


W3LL PEOPLE Expressionist Mascara vs. Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara


I’m TOTALLY conflicted in comparing these mascaras. W3LL PEOPLE mascara is a cult favorite. Everyone I know who tries it loves it! I get why. The brush is really nice, the formula is nice and liquid-y, it doesn’t smudge OR flake, it gives you length AND volume. Only problem: it irritates my eyes! If my eyes watered even a bit during the day, my eyes would start stinging majorly and I’d get tears that would wipe off the rest of my eye makeup! Really frustrating because it’s clearly a really awesome mascara— but I can’t wear it because of the irritation. I gave mine to my mom who has also been looking for a good mascara (and hasn’t liked either Beautycounter mascaras) and she loves it. So it’s totally worth a try, it just didn’t work for me!

As for the Beautycounter mascara, there’s two types: Lengthening (in the picture above) and Volumizing. I found the lengthening formula to be smudge-free, flake-free and give a length and overall look that I like, but I really struggled with applying it. The formula is really dry, and you need to run the tube under warm water for it to “heat up” just so you can apply it. Personally that’s too annoying for me to do every day. After trying the Lengthening Mascara and then the W3LL PEOPLE Mascara, I tried the other Beautycounter one called Volumizing Mascara. I liked it much better than the Lengthening, but I have to admit that I don’t love the wand: even though it doesn’t flake or smudge during the day, it’s messy to put on without smudging the wand on your skin.

Long story short, I’m not sold on any of these, and still looking for a good natural mascara that works for me!

W3LL PEOPLE Mascara Price: $21.99 (Thrive Market or Detox Market)

Beautycounter Lengthening Mascara Price: $29 (Beautycounter.com)

Beautycounter Volumizing Mascara Price: $29 (Beautycounter.com)


W3LL PEOPLE Optimist Lipstick vs. Beautycounter Intense Lipstick


Beautycounter lipstick is twice as good as W3LL PEOPLE lipstick— but to be fair, it also costs twice as much. I bought W3LL PEOPLE’s “Choose Love” shade, and it’s a pretty impressive dupe for the Beautycounter shade “Lily”— and it looks good on, too— but it doesn’t feel good, you know? It feels cheap, and the matte texture feels really dry on lips. The color lasts a decent amount of time, but it’s not even as good as your average maybelline drugstore lipstick: the only thing to love about it is the natural ingredients. If you want my vote, go for a Sheer Lipstick from Beautycounter: and if you’re into more pigmented shades try their Color Intense Lipstick.

W3LL PEOPLE Lipstick Price: $16.99 (Thrive Market or Detox Market)

Beautycounter Lipstick Price: $34 (Beautycounter.com)


W3LL PEOPLE Bio Brightener Powder vs. Beautycounter Mattifying Powder


This is the one product I’ve permanently swapped into my daily makeup routine. As much as I love the Beautycounter Mattifying Powder, it is $39, and the W3LL PEOPLE powder works just as well with equally excellent ingredients for just $22. Like all the other W3LL PEOPLE makeup I don’t love the cheap makeup smell it has, but it’s a better price so I’m sticking with it. There’s definitely less powder in the W3LL PEOPLE container than in the Beautycounter container, so it’s not actually “half the price” as it appears to be— I’ll have to buy the W3LL PEOPLE one more frequently than I would the larger Beautycounter container— but it’s still the same results for less money and still has great ingredients. It’s a winner in my book!

W3LL PEOPLE Powder Price: $21.99 (Thrive Market or Detox Market)

Beautycounter Powder Price: $39 (Beautycounter.com)

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