Comparing Vital Proteins Collagen Categories

Comparing Vital Proteins Collagen Categories

It’s been over a year since I’ve started using Vital Proteins unflavored collagen peptides every day. I recently had the chance to try a ton of different products in their lineup, and I’m glad to share my thoughts on each “type”! ALL of these are Whole30 Approved. PS If you want to know why you should take collagen and why Vital Proteins is the best you can buy, check out their AWESOME, INFORMATIVE website,


Unflavored is classic and dissolves in hot water easily AND cold water with a bit of stirring. You can’t see it or taste it and you can add it to just about anything! I’ve also tried the Chocolate & Blackberry flavored peptides (Whole30 compliant!) and I love to drink steamed almond milk with a scoop of the flavored peptides for a savory warm treat.


I. love. this. matcha. There’s a reason it sells out so often! Perfect taste and SO easy to make. Great for matcha newbies! I make mine hot or cold with almond milk.


Quite honestly while I do like all the beauty water flavors, they do need a decent shake to dissolve. So be prepared for that! If you want to try the beauty water definitely use a shaker bottle to dissolve it completely, that’s how I always drink it now.


I’m the WORST at buying a liquid bottle of bone broth and only using 1 cup or so. This has solved my problem! I just use a scoop of this broth powder dissolved in water wherever I need broth and it comes in beef AND chicken!


The vanilla collagen creamer isn’t your average creamer. While I use nutpods almost always in my coffee for creaminess, I can’t resist the convenience of taking these powdered creamer packets on the go for easy transport.  It takes a fair amount of stirring to dissolve; but once it does, it has a mild, milky taste that reminds me of bulletproof coffee!

Okay, I definitely recommend starting with the unflavored collagen peptides if you’re new to collagen, but once you’re in it to win it with daily collagen consumption, choosing a different type to also have on hand adds some fun variety to your daily collagen dose!


A big thank you to Vital Proteins for sponsoring this post. While I was compensated for my hard work, all my opinions are my own and I'm proud to align myself with this amazing brand that I personally consume daily and purchase regularly!

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