Whole30 Gift Guide

Whole30 Gift Guide

Whole30ers are their own breed: they spend a lot of time in the kitchen, they love a high quality seasoning or cooking oil, and they’re unapologetic about their healthy lifestyle. So naturally they’d want similar gifts!

I own everything on this gift guide, with the exception of a few items I have on my own gift list this year. Feel free to send this blog post to any friends and family who wish to gift you with something nice for you, if you’re a Whole30er!

Click on the photo to access the Amazon link for each item.

1. Whole30 Water Bottle, $45

Just fancy enough to be gift-able, while still at a great price point for many on your list, this 25oz Kokua water bottle has rave reviews. I added it to my Christmas list after many told me it was their favorite water bottle. Buy it here.

2. Whole30 Day by Day Book, $13

I’ve noticed that this is the least-owned Whole30 book in most Whole30ers collections, and I’ve added it to this gift list because I think it’s great to have on hand. Even if you’re not big on journaling, I personally find the one page infographics in the front and back to be absolutely invaluable, and I turn to them again and again for quick reference on info like pre-workout mini meals, reintroduction templates, and more. Buy it here.

3. Whole30 Slow Cooker Cookbook, $14

The newest member of the Whole30 cookbook family had to make the list! If you still haven’t picked up a copy, it’s a great add-on for your gift list. Versatile recipes for both the slow cooker and the instant pot and several I’ve already made more than once! Buy it here.

4. Nut Butter Crank, $11

I shared this gem on my Instagram a few weeks ago, and you all freaked out! Basically you choose the right size for your jar of almond butter (or other nut butter), insert the stir wand and lid, and “crank” the handle until your almond butter’s natural oils are no longer separated. I’m excited to tell you that it really does work! Buy it here.

5. Paderno Vegetable Spiralizer, $20

I love my Paderno Veggie Spiralizer: especially the suction cups on the bottom side, that help to keep your spiralizer in place on the counter while you turn the handle. It comes with 6 different attachments so you can choose which shape and size your zoodles/coodles/poodles are: and it’s dishwasher safe so clean up is easy! Buy it here.

6. Nespresso Milk Frother, $98

Hands down my favorite Whole30 splurge item. Pour in your Nutpods creamer or Whole30 compliant nut milk, choose latte or cappuccino foam and hot or cold foam, and watch your nut milk turn into a creamy, dreamy, beautiful microfoam. If you’re a beverage lover, you’ll love this! Buy it here.

7. Fourth and Heart Ghee, $12

As much as I love this brand of ghee, I don’t buy it often due to its high price tag. It does however make the perfectly priced stocking stuffer to ask of friends and family who know better than to fill your stocking with boring mass-produced candy bars! Buy it here.

8. Waterproof Portable Bluetooth Speaker, $68

You spend a lot of time in the kitchen: I’m with you. Make the time pass with an awesome playlist! I love my Wonderboom speaker because it’s small and waterproof: I can carry it to wherever I happen to be cooking without taking my phone along, and I don’t stress if it gets splashed or anything while I do dishes because it’s waterproof. Good quality, comes in a million color options, and not too pricey: I highly recommend this one! Buy it here.

9. Instant Pot, $99

Okay, I admit, I’m kind of scared of Instant Pots. I KNOW they’re such a great use in the kitchen! I KNOW they make cooking easier! But I can’t help but be freaked out by them a little bit! It’s on my Christmas list, because I know eventually I’ll love it, but I’m still a little scared... haha! Buy it here.

10. Meat Shredder, $13

Okay, I need these! I’ve heard that they make shredding cooked meat much easier. I think they’d make a perfect stocking stuffer for a meat lover and mass meal prep-er! Buy it here.

11. Immersion Blender, $39

I love this style of immersion blender, with two speed settings and a simple design. I’ve had this one for years, and it’s been worth every penny in making homemade mayonnaise and Whole30 dump ranch. Buy it here.

12. Reusable Produce Bags, $25

I’m switching to reusable produce bags as well as other more eco-friendly living options in 2019. I plan to purchase this starter set: it’s a good price, made of natural cotton mesh, and has 3 of each the small, medium, and large size bags. Buy it here.

13. Avocado Keeper, $6

There’s a few little stocking stuffers on this list I love, but this avocado keeper is my favorite. For only a few bucks, you can save a few bucks! Keep the remaining part of your avocado in this little keeper and refrigerate it until you need it. Just remember to leave the pit intact, so the avocado lasts longer! Buy it here.

14. Green Pan, $39

I’ve spent a lot of time researching cookware that works well, looks good, and isn’t toxic. It turns out, Green Pan is really quality stuff, and it’s easy to buy just about anywhere! This $39 skillet is non-stick, comes with a lid, and is perfect if you’re starting to transition to cleaner cookware. Plus, I absolutely love the grey shade this one comes in! Buy it here.

15. Avocado T-Shirt, $18

The perfect shirt for avocado lovers: look no further. Buy it here.

16. Pique Tea Gift of Health Bundle, $69 and up

Everyone knows I love Pique: and they have some amazing gift bundles right now. Use this link to get 14% off plus free shipping.



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